Java 9 officially released

Java 9
Java 9

After long time waiting, Java 9 has been finally released today, and developers can give a try via download page at Oracle Java Downloads.

This major update of Java 9 brings a lot of features to the language and Java ecosystem as well.

One of the most important feature in Java 9 is the Module System via Project Jigsaw. As you installed JDK 9 on your system, you will notice all JDK packages are restructured into modules. Besides, developers can also create their own modules just like JDK modules.

JShell is a new RPEL utility provided, so developers can try out Java code without creating such complicated Java projects and many compiling and building instructions.

A new HTTP client supports for HTTP/2 and Websocket.

There are more updates and changes on the list such as:

  • GC improved.
  • Enhanced Stream API
  • Support for Process API.
  • Multi-release JAR packages.
  • Private interface methods.
  • Improved Javadoc.
  • Parser API for Nashorn engine.
  • Ahead-Of-Time compilation.
  • Segmented Code Cache.

and many more,  you can see the list of all features here.