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Timer in Java

Execute a task repeatedly in Java using Timer

In order to execute a task repeatedly in Java, you can try to use java.util.Timer class. This is the description of official documentation saying...

Install Oracle Java 8 on Ubuntu Linux

Since Oracle does not provide a native Java installation package for Ubuntu Linux, we can install via distribution created by webupd8 on PPA repository...
Java 9

Java 9 officially released

After long time waiting, Java 9 has been finally released today, and developers can give a try via download page at Oracle Java Downloads. This...
Config Java multi-module project in Maven

Config Java multi-module project in Maven

When you have many sub-projects, or so-called modules, related to a project and you want to organize them efficiently in a single project, you...
Enforce Java version on Maven

Enforce Java version on Maven

In a Maven project for managing Java application, to enforce usage of a specific Java version, you will need to add configuration option to...

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