Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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Computer Tips

Redis Server

Install Redis on Ubuntu Linux

Redis package is supported natively for Ubuntu distribution, so if you want to install Redis, just get straight to it. $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo...
PHP Programming Language

Install PHP 7.1 on Ubuntu Linux

PHP 7.1 has proved to be the latest stable version for development at the time of this post. If you want to install PHP...
RabbitMQ Server

Some basic config for RabbitMQ after installation

After installing RabbitMQ, you might need to do some config for server before using. First is to enable management interface to RabbitMQ. $ sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable...



Guns of Boom with AR Spectator Mode

Guns of Boom development team is experimenting with the spectator mode in AR (Augmented Reality), it looks pretty cool, and that might be the...
Dendi lost to OpenAI

OpenAI won over the world best DotA 2 player

The AI world has taken an advanced step to become real smart, this time, not chess or Go, but a very complete game DotA...


C# in Depth: A Comprehensive Course - Beginner-To-Advanced - Udemy Coupons 100% Off

C# in Depth: A Comprehensive Course – Beginner-To-Advanced – Udemy Coupons...

Udemy's Most detailed course on C# for Beginners and Advanced Level i.e Lambda Expressions, LINQ, Extension Methods & OOP Master all C# Concepts Understand Primitive Data...