Life is a Game as We Know It

Life is a Game as We Know It

Have you ever thought about life and your purpose? What if I tell you, you and me are players in a game of the Creator. Sound interesting enough to hear me saying?

I bet there are moments when you’re alone, thoughts of life would come to your mind.

Ever happened once for you? I bet you had at least one.

Same with me, it comes to me quite frequently like almost every year. Especially, when I’m in my solidarity to think about myself.

For some reasons, we were born unto this world, we cry, we learn, we grow, observe and try to fit into the being-made society. Until a certain point of life, when we reach our limits, we die.

Life is a game, don’t you think?

Feel hard to understand how you and me and everybody fits into a game?

Watch this funny illustration clip from Casually Explained Youtube channel.

Everyone is a character, each decides his own strategy to grow, live and make decisions.

By far, in my opinion, this is the biggest MMO system in the universe I know of.

Religious Creation Game

In a creation game, there must be always at least one or only Creator, that creates everything and breath life into the game. It’s kinda boring if the game is not lively or interactive.

So there should be Creator and his Creations.

God's Creation

Eh oh!!! Sounds like I’m talking about something relating to religions, such as: Christianity with God (Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit), Muslim with Alah…

In religions, human is God’s creation being created to worship the Creator and bring glory to him.

In general senses with religious views, it sounds like a game and human is part of the game plan God made.

This even comes down to human’s imagination that we were a failure test from aliens… Check out this interesting idea from the movie Prometheus.

Prometheus Movie
Prometheus Movie

Just watch to know, don’t buy that idea :D.

Science and Life

When it comes down to science to explain existence of life, it’s still a pretty long long way to go.

For me, there are three components around science:

  • Invention: make new things based on current existing matter.
  • Discovery: find fundamental truth philosophy (physics, gravity, maths…) around the universe.
  • Creation: make new things without any matter.

At the moment, invention is the thing that human is trying everyday to improve life on earth or self-benefit. Life can’t be invented, you know that.

About discovery? At least, man on Earth is trying to reach far out to the galaxy and universe. The best thing we have so far is to reach other stars like landing on the moon, search for life on Mars. Still require more efforts to go beyond this galaxy and far away into another universe.

The only thing left that human haven’t got any idea yet is “creation“.

Try to imagine!

What would happen if science reaches to the point close to “creation“?

Honestly, I don’t really know, but you could try your imagination by watching the movie The Thirteenth Floor.

The Thirteenth Floor

It doesn’t matter if life is a game or not, it’s YOU!

Yes, I mean.

You’ll be wondering “who am I”, “what is my purpose on earth?” …

Forget about it. Think it positive and simple.

Even if our lives are parts of the game, we all have free will, we make our choices and decisions.

Try to educate yourself, your mind, we live by our best, and enjoy life as we know it.

Hey man, this is my random thought post, so don’t take it seriously, okay?

Just live and enjoy ~