Marketing explanation to your friends

Marketing Explanation

If you need to explain somebody about marketing, try following short definitions.

  1. You see a gorgeous girl in a party, you go to her and say “I’m rich, marry me.”. It’s Direct Marketing.
  2. You attend a party and your friend goes to a girl, then request you to tell me that he is very rich, marry him. It’s Advertising.
  3. You’re rich and majority of people at the party know about that. It’s Brand.
  4. Girl walks to you and say, “I know you are rich, marry me”. It’s Brand Recognition.
  5. You say “I am very rich, marry me” to a girl, and she slaps you on the face. It’s Customer Feedback.
  6. You say to a girl, “I am very rich, marry me”, and she introduces you to her husband. That is Demand and Supply Gap.
  7. You get close to a girl at the party and are about to say “I’m rich, marry me”, and your wife arrives. That is Restriction from Entering New Market.
  8. You invite people to join your party online to find a girl to marry. It’s Online Marketing, also called Online Advertising.
  9. You post videos, photos and statuses on social networks about “I’m rich, marry me” to girls. It’s Social Media Marketing.
  10. You post videos, photos and statuses to promote your fiend “He is rich, marry him” on social network. It’s Influencer Marketing.
  11. You send mails to girls and tell them “I’m rich, marry me”. It’s Email Marketing.
  12. You write articles or blog posts about “I’m rich, marry me”. It’s Content Marketing.
  13. You have a website that is about “I’m rich, marry me”. It’s Landing Page.
  14. You have a button on Landing Page, “I’m rich, marry me. Click to apply”. It’s Call-To-Action Button.
  15. There are 100 girls visiting your landing page, but only 20 girls actually click on CTA Button. Your Conversion Rate is 20%.
  16. You try to optimize your website “I’m rich, marry me” to top results when girls use search engines. It’s Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.
  17. You send SMS to girls and tell them “I’m rich, marry me”. It’s SMS Marketing.
  18. You create and share a video about “I’m rich, marry me”. It’s Video Marketing.

Hope these marketing explanation makes senses to your friends.

Marketing is fun 😀