React v16 officially released


Finally, after more than one year of hardwork, React team at Facebook has completed and released the new version v16 with a lot of exciting changes and updates.

In v16, the core has been completed re-written in new architecture, known as Fiber, to improve the way it renders DOM tree on browser. So with this release, everything that React renders on browser happens asynchronously, instead of blocking the main UI thread as it was in previous versions.

Some other features and updates in this release including:

  • Portals
  • New render return types: fragments and strings
  • Better error handling
  • Better server-side rendering
  • Support for custom DOM attributes
  • Reduce file size, 32% decrease in size

Another update worth to mention is the React license, v15.6.2  and v16+ are released under MIT license.

You can read the release blog post React v16 for more information.