OpenAI won over the world best DotA 2 player

Dendi lost to OpenAI
Dendi lost to OpenAI

The AI world has taken an advanced step to become real smart, this time, not chess or Go, but a very complete game DotA 2, the OpenAI bot has beaten the world top DotA 2 player in two matches power-overwhelmingly.

Having been said that, the bot has been learning on thousand real world matches along with the coach from the company, and the result is so amazing. It beats to world top DotA 2 player, Dendi.

While Goole’s DeepMind in on the way to train the bot for Starcraft 2, and Microsoft AI working on high score for Ms Pac Man, the $1 billion startup OpenAI has reached to the point where the AI bot can handle such complex tasks and can self-learn to advance itself like DotA 2.

However, according to the OpenAI CTO Brockman, the AI is yet to complete, it needs more time to improve to a five-vs-five match, and expect the same bot can be applied to the other games as well.

So what Dendi said about the match result? “Please stop bullying me.

What an interesting thing to know about the advance in AI world, where the impossible thing could be done via AI bot.

You can watch the match to see how the OpenAI bot plays against human below.