Wednesday, August 15, 2018

React v16 officially released

Finally, after more than one year of hardwork, React team at Facebook has completed and released the new version v16 with a lot of...
Java 9

Java 9 officially released

After long time waiting, Java 9 has been finally released today, and developers can give a try via download page at Oracle Java Downloads. This...
Laravel Framework

Laravel 5.5 LTS officially released

After long time waiting, Laravel 5.5 LTS has officially released today. This release contains many features and updates to the framework, for example: Exception Rendering Instead of...
Android Oreo

Google officially revealed Android O is Oreo

Finally, after several months introduced Android O, Google announced the next version is Android Oreo, and the new Android statue is built on Google...
Google Allo for the Web

Google Allo for the Web

Google Allo is an instant messenger app by Google for Android and iOS, which uses phone numbers as identifiers and allow users to exchange...
The post-8th Generation Core Code Name Ice Lake Revealed by Intel

The Next Coming Generation Core Code Name Revealed by Intel

Intel recently revealed its next general core technology along with their codename list. It's pretty rare for Intel to announce generation ahead of the...
Dendi lost to OpenAI

OpenAI won over the world best DotA 2 player

The AI world has taken an advanced step to become real smart, this time, not chess or Go, but a very complete game DotA...
Starcraft II

Starcraft II Client opened access for AI research environment

As you heard last year, DeepMind and Blizzard has co-operated to work on AI research for the one of the most famous and successful...

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