Remove TinyMCE warning notification on Cloud API Key

Remove TinyMCE warning notification on Cloud API Key

When you try to implement TinyMCE script into your web projects, you will a very annoying warning notification on recent latest version. Let me show you some tips to remove TinyMCE warning notification.

The annoying TinyMCE warning notification

This is the notification you’ll see when using TinyMCE.

TinyMCE warning notification
TinyMCE warning notification

Even though, it doesn’t cause any harm or trouble to the editor but it’s kinda annoying and unpleasant to see it every time we use the editor or feel tired of clicking the close button to hide.

Why it happen?

Since the company changes the plan for TinyMCE, they move from to to move the editor usage to the cloud, any developer who doesn’t register on will see this nag.

It looks like a promotion to get developers to make accounts on their services.

Solution to remove TinyMCE warning notification

To solve this, there are 3 ways, you can try to remove this annoying text.

Method #1: Get a free API key

Because, the team behind TinyMCE is trying to promote the usage of editor via cloud and want to track how developers use it. They provide a free package for developers to use.

Checkout the pricing page.

TinyMCE Pricing
TinyMCE Pricing

It is reasonable to create an account to get a free API key to use TinyMCE.

After that, you should include your API key whenever you include its script into project, it will be like this:

<script src=''></script>

Method #2: Using CSS to remove notification block

If you don’t want to create an account on TinyMCE Cloud, you can remove it using CSS.

Here the styling:

    .mce-notification {display: none !important;}

This looks cleaner than making accounts for sure.

Method #3: Include the Javascript file that doesn’t have this warning

Following the guide on the official page, they will show you the way to include the TinyMCE script into the project.

Include TinyMCE from the cloud
Include TinyMCE from the cloud

There are two things, you don’t know.

  1. This is the new official cloud CDN they supported, and with promotion, this javascript file will include the warning notification to get us to make an account to get an API key.
  2. Before this CDN, they have another build without the warning notification.

That means, instead of including the Javascript file from the guide, include the below file into your projects.

You might want to ask, is this the latest version? is this one the same one as the one in official guide? …

The answer is YES. This one is the latest version at the time of this writing.

If you want to update the newer versions when they release, just check on CloudFlare, new versions will be published.


Alright, in this article, I have shown you how to remove TinyMCE warning notification on latest version. They should work; however, I recommend to register an account on their homepage to get a free API key, just to show your appreciation to their efforts on TinyMCE editor.

If none of above works for you, drop me a note, I will try to help.