Microsoft To-Do as the Best To Do List App for me

Found Microsoft To-Do as the Best To Do List App

It has been a while, well it’s around 4 years for me to find and try out to see what is the best to do list app for me. Finally, I’ve found Microsoft To-Do is the best one that fits my requirements.

You know what, finding out the best fit personal task management is a pretty difficult job; even there are a lot of task management applications and services on Internet.

When picking up a software for personal taste, I always try to define my requirements beforehand. And that’s where Microsoft To-Do takes a win for me.

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Features of a to do list app.

So, in this case here’re what I expect:

1. It should be an individual-focused task management style app.

So it’s like a personal tracking or task management app for individual.

In simple words, it should be called like a to do app.

  • Minimal and clean user interface.
  • Good UX, it should not be hard to use.
  • Can create repeating tasks. Since it’s for personal use, that means there are a lot of repetitive tasks daily, weekly or monthly or any pattern.
  • Can alert and remind me about due date. Well, it is pointless if this feature is not implemented. I can rather use a text file and Notepad to list up tasks.

If you take a look at Microsoft To-do, it does this job seriously well. I can say anything more.

2. It should allow to create repeating tasks.

Certainly, I have a lot of tasks that need to complete once; but there are more tasks being taken repetitively daily, weekly and monthly.

Some example for my repeating tasks:

  • learn something new at every weekend.
  • go to shopping mall every 5th and 20th day of the month. Curious why 5th and 20th? Well, in my local area, they provide discount 5% for membership.
  • track my pages’ stats daily (including this page also)
  • …etc
Repeating tasks on Microsoft To-Do
Repeating tasks on Microsoft To-Do –

If you take a look at Microsoft To-Do to see how they implement this feature. It’s pretty good, clean and very easy-to-use.

3. It should run on many platforms.

It is pointless to use a to do app that only works on a single platform. It should work on both PC and mobile platforms.

Additionally, I’m a software developer, I work on many desktop platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac; so I prefer the to do list app should work on those.

However, at the moment, Microsoft To-Do only supports for Web, Windows, Android and iOS. So there is no native distribution for Linux and Mac.

But I can use Web version for now.

As I track on Microsoft To-Do feedback, they’ve been working on Mac implementation for a year and still no result yet.

I have absolutely no idea but a lot of users are waiting for it.

4. It should be free completely.

Yes, it should be free, and Microsoft To-Do is free for anyone.

Well, because it is given for free so I can’t ask for more if they decide not to work on Mac or Linux distribution. Fair enough!

Microsoft To-Do is the winner as the best to do list app for me!

I have tried some candidates like AnyDo, Todoist, TickTick… but they’re feature-over-killed for me and partially-free, unlike Microsoft To-Do.

What about some alternatives like Asana, Trello…?

Eh oh! It’s an absolutely no. They’re team-focus management services, don’t fit for personal task management.

Overall, I think I’m good with Microsoft To-Do at the moment. I’ve been trying it for months and feel pretty much happy using it.

It’s simple, it does the job well, very focus.

If you’re looking for a personal task management app, try Microsoft To-Do. It might be your winner!