Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Provide social network meta tags for website

In order to provide better SEO for the web, you might need to put following meta tags into head part of your websites. The first...
nginx HTTP Web Server

Serve multiple websites in local development with nginx

To enable serving multiple websites in local development with nginx, you will need to config to assign each website with a specific port. Assuming, we...
nginx HTTP Web Server

Config static IP address for local web development in nginx

Often, nginx is used to serve websites for public via domain names, which is configurable via server_name option in config file. What if you want...
Laravel Framework

Handle 404 response in Laravel

Laravel framework provides various ways to handle 404 responses for web application. Prior to Laravel 5.5.10, in order to catch 404 error, we can detect...
Laravel Framework

Laravel 5.5 LTS officially released

After long time waiting, Laravel 5.5 LTS has officially released today. This release contains many features and updates to the framework, for example: Exception Rendering Instead of...
Laravel Framework

Force HTTP or HTTPS scheme on Laravel automatically

In Laravel, when you want to load assets on different schemes like HTTP or HTTPS, you have to use asset() or secure_asset() helpers to load...
Laravel Framework

Change user password from tinker in Laravel using artisan command

Through artisan, developers can control almost everything running inside Laravel framework, and it can be a handy tool for updating user password quick and...
MorrisJS Chart

MorrisJS Chart not being drawn on Bootstrap Tab

There is one common problem when using MorrisJS chart on Bootstrap Tab is that the charts are not drawn on the view. When first loading...
Protect your Laravel-based websites from iframe embed

Protect your Laravel-based websites from iframe embed

Just another tip for the day, to protect your Laravel sites from iframe embed, use this hidden middleware, FrameGuard. IlluminateHttpMiddlewareFrameGuard::class What it does is simple, set...
Remove image border effects on RevealJS

Remove image border effects on RevealJS

On RevealJS presentation, when you add a new image to the slides, it will be decorated around with border settings. In case you want...

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