Schedule shutdown computer on Windows

Schedule shutdown computer on Windows
Schedule shutdown computer on Windows

On Windows, you can shutdown computer easily via Start Menu > Shutdown button click.

So what if you want to schedule a shutdown, what should you do?

Here’s an easy tip to schedule a shutdown on Windows. Anyway, you need a bit of typing, but it is not too hard to do.

To issue a command, you need to open one of these three dialogs:

  • Command Prompt
  • Run Dialog (can be quickly accessed via Windows + R combination key)
  • Windows PowerShell

After opening one of those, you can issue the command. Here the syntax:

C:\> shutdown -s -t SECONDS

The parameter SECONDS is the number of seconds to elapsed before shutting down the OS. So if you want to shutdown in 30 minutes, which is about 1800 seconds, the command would be like this

C:\> shutdown -s -t 1800

After issuing the command, it will schedule to shutdown based on given time.