Github offers unlimited private repositories for free

Github offers unlimited private repositories for free

It’s 2019, and a good news for all developers around the world, Github offers unlimited private repositories for free. This is not April’s Fool, this is real thing happening and you will like it.

In the past years, Github pricing model was to focus private repository structure, but now, the service has offered unlimited private repositories to all developers. It’s quite a surprise to hear about this.

This could be a very very smart move to compete with other competitors like BitBucket and Gitlab, which offer unlimited private repositories for quite a time.

Taking a look at Github pricing page, you will see new pricing model.

Github pricing model in 2019
Github pricing model in 2019 –

Even though, the Free option provides unlimited private repositories, it limits to maximum of 3 collaborators only. Still, this will be great for small team with size around 4.

Another good thing to point out, if you’re in a team working on open-source projects, the service is free. This is definitely the option to go for all open-source teams.

After hearing about this from official Github blog, I feel so excited and want to move all private repositories to Github right away, because I don’t want to spread out many of sources through many Git services, it is very hard to control. Furthermore, I love Github user interface, I love the simplicity it provides.

Very good thing to have at the beginning of the year ~