Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Redis Server

Install Redis on Ubuntu Linux

Redis package is supported natively for Ubuntu distribution, so if you want to install Redis, just get straight to it. $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo...
RabbitMQ Server

Some basic config for RabbitMQ after installation

After installing RabbitMQ, you might need to do some config for server before using. First is to enable management interface to RabbitMQ. $ sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable...
IntelliJ IDEA

Install IntelliJ IDEA on Linux

Besides Windows and Mac, JetBrains team also provides a Linux version for IntelliJ IDEA, one of the best Java IDE at the time of...
Enable VLC telnet interface for remote control

Enable VLC telnet interface for remote control

One of cool features VLC provides is the ability to remote control, specifically, via telnet. You might wonder what is the use of telnet...

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