Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Provide social network meta tags for website

In order to provide better SEO for the web, you might need to put following meta tags into head part of your websites. The first...
Timer in Java

Execute a task repeatedly in Java using Timer

In order to execute a task repeatedly in Java, you can try to use java.util.Timer class. This is the description of official documentation saying...
MySQL Database

Retrieve all tables having specified columns in MySQL

Just a simple trick to retrieve all tables in database that have columns with specified names. SELECT DISTINCT TABLE_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS ...

Install Oracle Java 8 on Ubuntu Linux

Since Oracle does not provide a native Java installation package for Ubuntu Linux, we can install via distribution created by webupd8 on PPA repository...
Redis Server

Install Redis on Ubuntu Linux

Redis package is supported natively for Ubuntu distribution, so if you want to install Redis, just get straight to it. $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo...
Laravel & nginx

Config for Laravel PHP on nginx server

If you've ever wondering how to config Laravel PHP web on nginx server, this post will show you how to do it. Let say your...
PHP Programming Language

Install PHP 7.1 on Ubuntu Linux

PHP 7.1 has proved to be the latest stable version for development at the time of this post. If you want to install PHP...
RabbitMQ Server

Some basic config for RabbitMQ after installation

After installing RabbitMQ, you might need to do some config for server before using. First is to enable management interface to RabbitMQ. $ sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable...
nginx HTTP Web Server

Serve multiple websites in local development with nginx

To enable serving multiple websites in local development with nginx, you will need to config to assign each website with a specific port. Assuming, we...
nginx HTTP Web Server

Config static IP address for local web development in nginx

Often, nginx is used to serve websites for public via domain names, which is configurable via server_nameĀ option in config file. What if you want...

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