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Get FastCGI post body data using C

FastCGI is basically not different from a regular CGI application, hence, you can get the post body content from stdin. However, we need to...

Get query string on FastCGI using C

Query string is the fragment that is the literal string after the question mark on an URL. For example, in following URL, , the...

Config FastCGI for nginx on Ubuntu

For Ubuntu and nginx are so popular, users can get FastCGI configured and installed very easy. First let’s install nginx: $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get...

Query environment variables on FastCGI using C

Usually, web servers provide some useful information via hidden environment variables. For example, some variables might sound familiar to you, SERVER_ADDR, REMOTE_ADDR, HTTP_USER_AGENT, HTTP_HOST,...

Develop FastCGI application with C

To get started with developing web application with FastCGI, you need to build the development kit first. After building the kit, you will see cgi-fcgi/cgi-fcgi...

Build FastCGI development kit

FastCGI so far is a very popular module that improves web server power and add more functionalities. To develop a FastCGI module, you will...

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